Investors expect economy to avoid recession

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เมื่อ: 2023-02-27 09:05:32

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With its trajectories, headwinds and tailwinds, central bank language is rife with aviation metaphors. Not surprisingly, the decision maker's most heroic achievement is named after Apollo 11's success in the space race. For Wonks, a "soft landing" occurs when the economy's heat doesn't slide into recession. But behind the phrase's glorious origins lies a shameful reality. When U.S. Treasury Secretary George Schultz first predicted such a landing in 1973, things didn't go as planned. The recession began almost immediately; inflation ran rampant for the rest of the decade. Under Fed Chairman Paul Volcker, prices eventually cooled, but only after rate hikes pushed the U.S. into a back-to-back recession and the worst unemployment since World War II.


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