The Crew Dragon mission is a success for SpaceX and NASA

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เมื่อ: 2023-02-16 23:24:18

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The echo is obvious. The first manned Apollo launch was in 1968, an election year when the country was shaken by assassinations and civil unrest, wars abroad and divisions at home. For some on both sides of the divide, the Apollo program remains an inspiration, a revelation of what the country could do if it wanted to. It's "man's noblest cause," civil rights activist Ralph Abernathy said at a demonstration outside the Kennedy Space Center in Florida — and as moving and heroic as it is, it clearly shows In order for a country to prioritize the difficulties it faces, the poorest must improve. Others are less lenient about what they perceive as a distraction. "Is all the money I made last year," asked the poet Jill Scott-Heron, "for White over the moon?"


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