TSMC is making the most of a bad geopolitical situation

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For a $430 billion company that straddles one of the world's most dangerous geopolitical hotspots, TSMC has some endearing steadfastness. Both the U.S. and China covet its unparalleled advanced chipmaking capabilities. It provides the former more than the latter, but if one of the superpowers completely stifled its independence through economic pressure or brute force, the consequences would be enormous. Many of its manufacturing facilities are located on the west coast of Taiwan, making it vulnerable to Chinese incursions on both sides of the strait. But it refuses to panic. “My God, if there is a war, we have more to worry about than chips,” founder Zhang Zhongmou, 91, said on a podcast last year. His successor, Mark Lau, insists that peace is in everyone’s interest.


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